We help our clients
become superheroes
in their businesses

We honour the process and recognise the sacrifices required
for growth. You will love the journey and the outcome.

We make donuts

Think of a donut. You know that bit in the middle? That’s you – or more precisely, what you do. Whether your an electrician, an IT professional, a trainer or an importer of products, you know far more about your speciality than we will ever know.

We will help you build the donut – the part that surrounds that speciality of yours. We will help you set up the sales, marketing and other processes that will help connect your products and services to the world.


You and your business will benefit from the skills, tools and support of Reignite’s experienced coaching and consulting program. Comprehensive market analysis and financial modelling will provide the supportive framework you need to take your business to the next level.

Our framework aims to build a strong business community around you. This community includes finance, legal, HR, sales, marketing and operations support to connect you with the ideal suppliers, prospective employees and clients in your marketplace.


You know your business best. Most of our clients are technical experts. While they are great on the tools, they often need to learn more about business. We help with the big and little things, from developing phone scripts, arranging meetings, to developing networking skills and walking trade show floors to gain and convert prospects.


How’s your elevator pitch? Is your financial model sound? We’ll help you develop these tools plus more and make them easy to use. You don’t necessarily want to be an expert at creating the tools, you just want to use them every day to grow your business.


Business can be a lonesome journey. Developing a strategy in a comfortable boardroom is the first step. Getting out there in the wilderness to make it happen is the next step. That’s where the obstacles appear to help you hone your business skills. We are right there with you – helping you to overcome obstacles and stay on track to achieve your targets.

We take you on a journey

Long term sustainable business growth goes hand in hand with an open mind. Successful businesses today and throughout history have one thing in common. Their leaders have a growth mindset. 

Are you:

  1. A contractor becoming a business owner?
  2. A business owner becoming a CEO?
  3. A CEO who wants to clone themselves?

A growth mindset keeps you receptive to new ideas, perspectives and approaches to operating a business which inevitably lead to growth. You need to be comfortable with the fact that you don’t need to know everything about running a profitable business today. Accepting that you have plenty to learn makes way for the evolution from employee, to sole trader, to business owner and CEO, if this is what you choose.

Paul’s leadership has seen him bring our people along the journey of change that we have had to face. With his confident manner, Paul has been able to guide people towards new and positive outcome.
Braith BamkinExecutive Director BNI Melbourne Central
Working with Paul has helped me identify my goals and priorities in my business. He was very attentive to my concerns and difficulties that I was facing. And with his experience, ideas and knowledge, I saw significant growth in my business.
Chia Wei GohTechnical Director, Dustin Hill Productions
We started with Paul in February 2020 and even though it has been a challenging year so far, Paul has helped keep us focused and accountable. If you are looking for someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you grow your business then we would highly recommend engaging Paul’s services
Karen and Robert GilesCo-Directors, Syntech IT