People Just like you

People in business, balancing the demands of work and family, while trying to increase our success by helping customers, collaborators and suppliers to achieve their goals. People just like you!
adorable boy sitting at table and testing rocket model in kitchen on weekend

What does a rocket scientist have in common with a business owner?

Our company is led by our Principal, Paul Ostaff, who is a rocket scientist by training. Down on earth, he also has an MBA and extensive experience in implementing business strategies aimed at fast and effective growth.

When a rocket is launched into space, the journey to the goal is not direct. Regular adjustment is just part of the journey. In business, this is where the gold is. Integral knowledge and experience is gained by learning how to keep your business on track to its destination. This is what makes you an effective business leader.

Our team has a wealth of industry and professional capability in end-to-end project management, working on small to medium businesses in nine countries. We provide practical and commercially astute advice in a number of business sectors including, financial services, telecommunications, information technology, automotive, higher education, retail, distribution, pharmaceuticals, real estate, manufacturing, oil & gas.

We are action-oriented, helping you bring your dreams to life. We will meet you where you are struggling. We are relentless about your success.

Do you relate to these questions or concerns?


I don’t have enough time in the day. How do I make more money and work less hours at the same time?


I need flexibility with my team. How can I scale my staff up and down quickly?


I don’t have enough capital to re-invest in the business. How can I capture this amazing opportunity, and not go broke in the process?
What return do you want on your effort?

To work smarter and not harder is to leverage your own skills and the skills of those around you. We ask you to be specific about your day to day activity. How do you want to feel at the end of the day? How much time do you need for personal hobbies, family and friends or community activities? Being clear about your objectives will grow a business that you’ll be proud of and enjoy working in.


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